Locket AMARU

Locket AMARU

CHF 739.00

The ZEN Collection from Swiss Akamani comprises high-quality medallions, developed for people in every situation. The innovative products harmonize, vitalize and support the body in regeneration - in the rhythm of nature.

  • Diameter 35 mm
  • The medallions are supplied without a necklace
    (optionally available in two lengths + in stainless steel or silver).

Available while stocks last.

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The medallions of the ZEN Collection are something very special:

  • Complex, unique structure with handpicked materials
  • High-tech reflector foil integrated into the core, based on the S.R.A. reflector technology from Swiss Akamani, which has been proven to stimulate the body's own cells
  • Refined with the high-performance, quantum-based S.R.A. technology from Swiss Akamani

A high quality product with a unique effect:

  • Harmonize the balance in the body
  • Promote vitality and resilience in a natural way - in the rhythm of nature

The active principle is based on the laws of interaction between waves and matter. Specifically, it is about the interaction of the body's own radiation and reflected radiation through the built-in high-tech reflector foil from Swiss Akamani (mirror/resonance principle) - without magnets and without additional modulation of frequencies.

The structure and working principle of the three medallions are identical. They differ only in the material composition.

All information on our product page:

Additional information

Symbolic power

Healing, wisdom, dragon, snake, transformation

Element sun

Base material: stainless steel
Stone: onyx, cut
Refinement inside: polished - gold plated 18K yellow gold
Refinement sun outside: polished - refined (Gun-Metal coating)

Core element

High-tech reflector foil, based on the S.R.A. reflector technology from Swiss Akamani

Element back

Base material: sterling silver 925, polished


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