About us

The Swiss Akamani GmbH team

We develop products for human health and vitality.

Our motivation

Increasing health awareness and the constantly growing demands placed on us humans in today's industrialized societies make health-promoting measures a high priority. As the developers of Swiss Akamani's S.R.A. technology, we were motivated to investigate these phenomena and to find a solution for widespread application. Our focus was on the search for non-medicinal measures.

We agreed that the key had to lie in nature and studied the processes that can be observed in nature. So we looked at the supply mechanisms of human cells and cells in general. Every cell emits electromagnetic signals. If the cell is weakened, it can no longer function in the usual way and communicate with its environment. Disorders occur in the tissue and organs. Microcirculation plays a decisive role here, as it is the link for supplying the cells with oxygen and nutrients and for disposing of metabolic waste products.

We have found the solution in S.R.A. technology and its many possible applications.